Is the ski pass & ski equipment included in the course?
NO. The ski passes are available separately. All children from 6 years old require a ski pass. The tariffs can be found at

Equipment is available in all surrounding sports shops:
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Do beginners also need a ski pass?
Our beginners do not need one at the moment, since they have lessons on our private lessons. If they go with the group on the mountain, then yes. Everyone needs a ski pass for the use of cableways. Children under 6 years are free of charge.

Can our children get together in a group?
The division of the children takes place in our ski school primarily according to the driving of the children and their age. If your children or friends should be able to ski in about the same way, we would like to ask you how you wish to divide the divider on the first day and we will try our best! If the children can not ski equally well, however, the child would have to take the better ski ride on the weaker consideration!

Children’s course: Do we have to take the whole 5/6 days course or can one do less days?
Since our program for the children’s groups is based on a week (with ski races, etc.) it makes sense to stay the whole 5 or 6 days in the course. It is also possible to visit a course less than a few days!

Are the rates different when you book a 3-day course and then extend further spa days?
YES! It is cheaper if you book the whole week as the price difference between 3 and e.g. 5 days is very low. From a course of 3 days there are special renewal rates. 1 day extension = € 35, –

Do you have time when parents and children go into the ski course?
Yes, the children’s parking space is near the adult area. Children can be delivered at 9:45 am at the meeting point. The children are always taken care of until they are picked up by the parents again!

How is the grouping organized?
The classification is made by an ancestor on the first day of the course. If the division does not fit 100%, there is of course the possibility to discuss a change of group with the local ski instructor.

Do you get the money back if the children do not like it?
Basically you get the money only with a medical confirmation (illness, injury). However, there are e.g. The trial day to keep the “risk” for you as low as possible! If it does not work, we can change the course within the ski school to a different course (it is necessary to make a payment, the spa days are deducted).

Is there a ski rental at your ski school or do you work with a sports shop?
We have no ski rental, but in the immediate vicinity of the ski school office are numerous sports shops. Here you can find all sports shops at a glance:

Can you enter a course during the week?
Start of course for beginners is Sunday and Monday. Beginning of the course for adults Intermediate is Monday. Start of course for children Beginner is Sunday and Monday. On the other days on request. Children can take a course every Sunday from Sunday. On Saturday there are no group courses!

How early must we reserve a private tutor?
Basically, the sooner the better! We would ask you to do this at least one day before, as we have better possibilities to divide the teacher. We ask for early reservation in the main holiday periods. Of course, you are welcome to book private lessons in our office on short notice!

Is it also possible to take lunch care for individual days?
Yes, we ask you to book the lunch service at the latest by 9:30 am at the office!

From what age can the children go to the ski course?
From 3 years. For snowboarding, we recommend a minimum age of 8 years, for younger children snowboarding is only possible with a private tutor.

What is the difference between taster course and normal course?
The only difference is the fact that this card represents a meeting if the child does not want to stay in the course. The trial day is calculated for an extension.

Do you have Dutch teachers?
We have Dutch ski instructors in our team, which are mainly used in the children’s area.

Do group courses need to be reserved?
In principle, we recommend that you book the group courses via our online shop. This will save you time and have guaranteed places in the ski school. Of course, you can also book courses directly in the office.

Do the ski runs have to be taken one after the other?
The days should follow one another, because the groups continue with the program and learn something new every day. A break could lead to a change of group. The best way to do this is with your instructor.

Is it also possible to go to the group only one day?
The program in the group course is based on one week. Especially for beginners we recommend taking at least three days, so that you can master the basics of skiing. If you are an advanced skier, and you need a “refresh”, we recommend private lessons – you will learn about progress in the shortest possible time!

Is lunch included in the course?
Lunch is not included and costs € 13, – per child per day. During lunch, meals, beverages and childcare are included.

Is there a helmet requirement?
Minors up to the age of 15 have to wear a commercial winter sports helmet when skiing on the slopes during the winter sports exercise.